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GRAPES WITH BENEFITSGrapes with Benefits

A secret blend that includes Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and some ice-wine. Fruity and floral, serve with appetizers, old or blue cheeses, spicy foods or simply on its own.

| Sweetness code: Almost a 2       $ 16.43


Bronze at both the International Women’s Wine and Pacific North West Wine Competitions

The sister to Hot Flash this is a delightful light and fruity blend of Riesling and Pinot Gris. Off dry, it pairs well with white fish, chicken, salads and is a great summer sipper on a hot day.

| Sweetness code: 1      $16.43


ROSE-EH! Coming in AprilRose-Eh!

The colour of coral and rose petals, with scents crushed strawberries and raspberries. With red currant and strawberry notes, our 2015 Rosé ( Chardonnay/Merlot ) is smooth and crisp with just a hint of sweetness. Perfect for picnics, or sipped around a roaring fire, it can be served with white fish, pork, chicken or cheeses.

| Sweetness code: 0-1    $17.30

MARECHAL FOCH 2015Marechal Foch

A full bodied deep ruby red wine with rich earthy notes of blackberry and black currant and lush smooth flavours of salal, saskatoon and blackberries. Great with many foods especially red or smoked meats, cold cuts or venison. Also divine with dark chocolate or creamy cheeses.

| Sweetness code: 0    $20.78


Gold Medal Winner at the Pacific Northwest Wine Competition

A special wine to celebrate that wild and wonderful phase of life! This medium bodied red blend of Shiraz and Foch will go well at any gathering, both with meals and as an accompaniment for chocolate, cheeses and most appetizers.

| Sweetness code: 0   $19.04


A Silver Medal Winner at the Pacific Northwest Wine Competition

An enticing blend of Pinot Noir and Marechal Foch. Excellent with spicier foods as well as peppered steaks. A cherished table wine for those with a sweeter palate or as a dessert wine for the dry wine drinker. Created with our de Chaunac lovers in mind the rich flavours of ripe fruit, figs and caramel make it an instant favourite. Serve Sweet Mystery at room temperature year round or cooled in the summer.

| Sweetness code: 3   $19.04

A SENIOR MOMENTA Senior Moment (male)A Senior Moment (female)

A Silver Medal Winner at the Pacific Northwest Wine Competition

Mostly Syrah, this fruit forward wine has a touch of oak and a bit of pepper. Notes of cherry, vanilla and spice, it is great served with pork, smoked meats or cheeses. A case includes 6/6 male/female labels. Same wonderful wine, great gifts.

| Sweetness code: 0   $19.04


WINTER WINE®  sold outWinter Wine

A secret combination of Ice Wine with grapes picked late in the fall, our Winter Wine is fruity on the nose, with a myriad of sweet fruit flavours followed by a fresh finish. Fantastic with a dessert, a late night plate of cheese or simply delectable on its own. Pour chilled as a liquor in one or two ounce servings.

| Sweetness code: 10


A Silver Medal Winner at the 2012 Pacific Northwest Wine Competition (375 ml)

We make our Port the traditional way – aged slowly in the sun for two full summers, providing a smooth, slow finish to every sip. With the scent of black currant and flavours of plum, raspberry, black currant and anise, our Port is excellent for sipping or drizzle it over vanilla ice cream and add shaved chocolate.

Sweetness code: 10   $ 26.00