Sweet Mystery

Sweet Mystery wineMy husband and I met traveling in Thailand over 20 years ago. Wandering through Asia we ate many a spicy dish and thought of nice sweet wines to go with these amazing foods. It’s really hard to drink a bone dry red with an Indian curry – try it sometime. In my mind it just doesn’t pair well. You need some sweetness to offset that fire. So we developed Sweet Mystery, as with the foods it pairs with, it is often a mystery what the special ingredients are, but magic happens when it swirls in your mouth.

Sweet Mystery is a red blend, it changes with the vintage and year – right now it includes Pinot Noir from my brother’s organic vineyard, Lemberger from the cellar and Marechal Foch from a grower in Vernon. Made sweet on purpose, pair it with all things spicy or serve it with dessert (yummy with chocolate mousse – remember to invite me if you are serving that!). It’s versatile too – you can even chill it on a hot day (it takes the sweetness down) and serve it on the patio with a cheese plate.