Summer White

Summer White wine

We originally developed the Summer White blend for the 10th anniversary celebration of House of Rose Winery (in 2003). So many people loved the blend, we’ve kept producing it ever sense. It’s a recipe that always changes, yet the flavours stay as close as we can get them. Some years we have excess Riesling, others Pinot Gris, or Chardonnay and that affects the blend.

But the staple, and what makes it so unique and special is that is always includes some ice-wine. We use that to sweeten it, but it also adds to the lovely mouth feel and golden colour in the glass. It is amazing with dark chocolate, fresh fruit, appetizers or salad. My favourite pairing for it is with Thai or Indian curries or a well made cheesecake. It’s also a great patio sipper for those who like their wine a little on the sweet side.