Hot Flash

Hot Flash wine

One late fall evening in 2009, eight of us were sitting around a friend’s table. A fair bit tipsy and well sated from good food, one of our friends started tearing off her clothes. No, she wasn’t doing a striptease for our benefit (we are all middle aged after all!), but experiencing a Hot Flash. Pouring another glass all around, we started talking about the good and bad of menopause – the night sweats and hot flashes versus the freedoms and movement into another, child free phase of life. Then someone said – as a joke I do think – “you should make a wine called Hot Flash™”. And we thought – “hey, that’s not a bad idea.”

A few months, a focus group (and party) with 85 women in Kelowna to choose both label and blend, and in May of 2010 Hot Flash™ was born. Made by a woman for women, it’s always meant to be an easy drinking wine, not too bold and not too shy. Serve it with a meal – it’s great with pork, lamb or beef – or with cheeses or chocolate.