There’s not much of this to go around – we only produced 60 cases – so if you like it, a quick call or trip to the winery is in order to get yourself some more! The beautiful Okanagan grape acidity in 2010 was really high, and the grapes were picked before ultimate ripeness because we were invaded by starlings. We do mean invaded. They travel around in flocks these guys, and they mean business.

Before we got into the wine business we used to love birds – now we don’t. A flock of starlings can eat through a vineyard scary quick – like one or two days. So when they arrive and if you have not netted (yes, we know, we should have, but the crop was small anyways and we had not had problems with birds up until then … sigh). In any case, we had to pick what was left. So we fermented them in oak barrels to help draw out some of that high acidity and let nature do the rest (nature and yeast of course).

If you love grapefruit and all things citrus you’ll love this wine. We pair it with cheese and cheese based pastas, with chicken and with strong flavoured fish. Not tilapia or anything too soft – the citrus will overpower those delicate flavours.