Nestled between the vineyards and orchards, our picnic area is ideal for a quiet afternoon, sipping a glass of wine.

Enjoy the peaceful surroundings with friends and family or talk with people from all over the world who visit the winery each year. Dogs are welcome (on a leash).

Yes, the kids and grandparents are welcome too!

Picnic Options
Buy a glass of wine ($6) or the bottle of your House of Rose favourite that you share, you can buy or bring some snacks to nibble on or even bring your own lunch.

We have a variety of meats, cheeses and crackers from local companies for sale in the wine shop, so you can mix and match to your own taste.

Come enjoy the sunshine with us!

Self Guided Vineyard Tour

We are introducing our Self Guided tour, which leads along the vineyard and to the winery and crush pad.

You can pick up a double sided information sheet with information on the grapes and more. Stroll along the vineyard and to the winery and crush pad to get a calming sense of life with the grapes, which turns into the hectic period of crushing and making wine!

Self-Guided Tour Instructions


To use the picnic area for a stop or part of your event please contact the winery at info@houseofrose.ca or phone 250 765 0802 for details

Outdoor Weddings

We will be preparing an area in the vineyard for wedding ceremonies starting July 2017. Contact us for details at info@houseofrose.ca