Please visit this page regularly for updates on events at the winery.

A rule for all our events: no outside alcohol allowed for licensing reasons, as we could loose our license. Also please note that no on-site consumption of cannabis is allowed. While cannabis is legal, it is illegal to consume on a liquor-licensed site. We appreciate your understanding.

We align with some (local) charities for certain events for which donations are appreciated. These are mentioned with the specific events..

COVID related practices!
Contrary to our usual free and come whenever you want practices at our events we will have to implement a few different things this year:
– Our Summer Music Series will be 50 people max, so we will create a reservation system and will have to charge $10 PP as a cover. We will put up a link and a schedule as soon as we can.
– Our grape stomping party will be spread out over longer hours and a reservation system for time blocks will be in place so we never exceed the maximum number of guests.
– To allow for contact tracing as per the COVID order we will also need to keep a name and phone number/email address for one member of each group, which will be kept for one month only (unless you want to be added to our email list)

Upcoming Events


To use the picnic area for a stop or part of your event please contact the winery at or phone 250 765 0802 for details


Wedding Ceremonies – We will be creating an area in the vineyard for wedding ceremonies starting July 2019.

Wedding Wine – We can provide you with a special occasion label wine for your wedding: please contact the winery for details.