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In Canada’s wine country, Okanagan Valley flows with quirky charm

Tim Johnson, for CNN • Updated 3rd January 2018

Mom-and-pop places

I get my feet wet, too — quite literally — at the House of Rose Winery. While some wineries here (including Mission Hill and Quails’ Gate) radiate sophistication, the charm of the Okanagan can be found in its many small, mom-and-pop places like House of Rose.
This is where I slip off my shoes and socks, climb a small set of steps and slide into the muck, placing my bare feet into about a foot of juice and skins and vines, the last remnants of a few thousand partially crushed and awfully runny grapes.
The red slush is surprisingly cold, and I grit my teeth as I give them a good stomp. The proto-vino slides through my toes, slimy and unpleasant, as I pull up the bottom fringes of my shorts and do my very best to keep the grape juice from splashing onto my limited supply of clothes.
After a couple minutes, I’ve had enough; climbing back out of the barrel, I chat with Aura Rose, the current owner. Still family-run, House of Rose was opened by her father, Vern, a retired teacher, in 1993.
They cultivate just five acres on site, making three white wines, three dessert wines, a rosé and three reds, including their bestseller, a full-bodied blend called Hot Flash.
The blend’s name was born on an evening when Aura and a number of other women of a certain age were sipping wine and eating, admittedly a bit tipsy, and one friend underwent an actual hot flash.
“Women love it,” she says with a wan smile. “And it’s great with cheese.”


Narcity Vancouver

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House of Rose is definitely a winery with that laid back, old school charm. No need to pretend like you’re a wine connoisseur here. This is the place to kick off your shoes and stomp around in some soon-to-be vinos. They even have an adorable outdoor picnic set up going on, so you and your BFFs can soak up the sun and sip up your samples.

Hong Kong Television

And House of Rose Winery in a travel show on Hong Kong Television (video starts at 12:34 minutes)



Brooke Shields holding Hot Flash wine bottle
Brooke Shields enjoying our Hot Flash wine!