Welcome to House of Rose Winery

We are now Open !
Wednesday to Sunday 12-5 PM

 Our lovely picnic area is now open as well: Bring a picnic, friends (max 6 people per group), the kids and your dog (on a leash).  See you soon!

Shipping or curb side pick up:
You can email us at info@houseofrose.ca or phone 250 765 0808 to order and arrange for shipping or a curb side pick up.
You can also order wine on line

We look forward to seeing you all in the spring,

Aura and Wouter


To allow for the measures with the COVID order in place we will 
– allow only two groups (of max 4 people) in the wine shop at a time and three 
   groups (of max 6 people) in the second tasting space
– set the wine shop and picnic area up for social distancing
– will sanitize tasting areas after each group
– will have a maximum of 70 people in the picnic area (50 for events)
– put up a notice of our practices for the public to see
– to allow for contact tracing as per the COVID order we will also need to keep a name and phone number/email address for one member of each group, which will be kept for one month only (unless you want to be added to our email list)

Please see articles   for our COVID 2019 Safety plan.

We look forward to serving you and working together to make your and others’ experience a safe and pleasant one.

Barb, Aura and Wouter

Want wine shipped to you?
Email us at info@houseofrose.ca
Order online at https://shop.houseofrose.ca/

Or, if you are in BC, get our wines at any of these private stores: https://www.houseofrose.ca/wines/where-to-buy/

Want to stay at the winery?
Our private suite at the winery is on airbnb. A wonderful retreat for two. You can find the listing here

About House of Rose. We offer you, our visitors, a wonderful intimate experience shared with both staff and family members with complimentary wine tastings. You can sit and enjoy the peaceful setting in our picnic area between the orchards or wander through the vineyard and see the grapes mature under the Okanagan sun. You will find House of Rose Winery in Kelowna, at the heart of the Okanagan where the BC wine industry started. We are situated along the East Kelowna Wine trail!

Outdoor Weddings, vow renewals and special events: We have created an area in the vineyard for wedding and vow renewal ceremonies as well as special events. Contact us for details at info@houseofrose.ca.

All wines are 100% Vegan & Okanagan grown and crafted, hand picked and soft pressed: Quality wine at affordable prices. Order your wine on line!

Supported by British Columbia’s Buy BC program