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Narcity Vancouver

(Just the part about House of Rose amongst the 11 amazing  BC wineries to visit, full article :
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11 Amazing BC Wineries You Need To Visit This Spring

 Keep sip, sip, sippin’


September 27 2016 CNN.com
Quirky charm in Canadian wine country

I get my feet wet, too — quite literally — at the House of Rose Winery. While some wineries here (including Mission Hill and Quails’ Gate) radiate sophistication, the charm of the Okanagan can be found in its many small, mom-and-pop places like House of Rose.
This is where I slip off my shoes and socks, climb a small set of steps and slide into the muck, placing my bare feet into about a foot of juice and skins and vines, the last remnants of a few thousand partially crushed and awfully runny grapes.
The red slush is surprisingly cold, and I grit my teeth as I give them a good stomp. The proto-vino slides through my toes, slimy and unpleasant, as I pull up the bottom fringes of my shorts and do my very best to keep the grape juice from splashing onto my limited supply of clothes.
After a couple minutes, I’ve had enough; climbing back out of the barrel, I chat with Aura Rose, the current owner. Still family-run, House of Rose was opened by her father, Vern, a retired teacher, in 1993.
They cultivate just five acres on site, making three white wines, three dessert wines, a rosé and three reds, including their bestseller, a full-bodied blend called Hot Flash.
The blend’s name was born on an evening when Aura and a number of other women of a certain age were sipping wine and eating, admittedly a bit tipsy, and one friend underwent an actual hot flash.
“Women love it,” she says with a wan smile. “And it’s great with cheese.”

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Winery Watch: House Of Rose Winery

Caricature of Shamylla, Wouter and Aura by Monte B
Image: Facebook

Though you don’t need to stray far from the beaten path to come to the House of Rose, the experience and memories provided by this wonderful winery are ones that are not at all commonplace. The great success of the winery can be attributed to a host of factors that have intermingled to create the perfect place for wine lovers.

While visiting the House of Rose Winery, you will hard-pressed not to recognize the brilliant mixture of warmth, comfort, and professionalism. The welcoming atmosphere is a defining feature of the House of Rose Winery, which is due in large part to the winery being family owned and operated. There’s a level of comfort and coziness to the House of Rose that you would have a hard time experiencing at an overly commercial winery.

Operations began around 1983 by Vern Rose. From 1983 to 1993, Vern became well acquainted with the art of winemaking. Eventually, his drive and passion for wine enabled the House of Rose Winery to become one of the first seventeen wineries in the Okanagan Valley.

The turning point came between 2007 and 2009 when the winery changed hands a few times as Vern had suffered and was recovering from a massive stroke. In April 2009, Auro Rose, Vern’s daughter, took the ownership of the winery. Along with her husband and siblings, Aura has done a marvelous job of raising the bar and adapting production methods better to suit the ideas of the modern world, such as champion for the environment. Aura and Wouter are also the founding members of the business donation program at the Fresh Outlook Foundation, which raises funds for sustainability education.

Often, those visiting the House of Rose believe the winery to be the Canadian equivalent of one you may find in Tuscany; Quaint, innovative, organic, and comforting. A homey feeling flows through the cottage-like tasting room. Talking to the staff will immediately show their knowledge of the wines, most of whom are wonderfully friendly yet very professional. This is one winery that works very hard to ensure the satisfaction of their guests.

Perhaps, their picnic grounds are the headline; guests can enjoy the aroma of the roses as they relax among vineyards and orchards with their picnic baskets full of food and wines from the winery – or they can even bring their own. Additional winery activities include a self-guided tour through the vineyards and even art shows showcasing local artists.

The impressive lineup of outstanding wines that range in flavor, body, and complexity will sweep wine lovers off their feet. Some of the medal-winning front runners are the Cool Splash, Hot Flash, Sweet Mystery, and a Senior Moment. Amongst the dessert wines, the Winter Wine is a must, which has won a double gold at the All Canadian Wine Championships in Ontario. Their wines are more fruit forward overall; hence, they pair well with lighter dishes and smoked meats.

All the wines can be ordered from the winery website. Select stores throughout British Columbia also keep stock of particular bottles.



House of Rose Winery Wins Champion for the Environment Award from the City of Kelowna

KELOWNA, BC: House of Rose Winery received the Champion of the Environment for Business Civic Award from the City of Kelowna last night.

“Honoured, humbled, excited, that’s how I would describe it,” says Aura Rose, co-owner and winemaker.  “Being aware of, and actively reducing our impact on the environment, is so very important to us.  It’s an honour to have that commitment recognized.”

“We’ve looked at all areas of our operation, from the farm through the production,” added Wouter van der Hall, co-owner of the winery. “As soon as we purchased the winery we took our vineyard organic.  Next we worked on reducing our energy use, partly driven by the shocking hydro bills for the winery building that we received that first winter! You have to take on one thing at a time, otherwise you can get overwhelmed.”

“I think one of the things I am most proud of is the fact that while we can have up to hundreds of visitors each week, we use only our family allocated garbage bin for regular waste disposal,” adds Rose.  Through composting, recycling, donations (of our used corks for school projects for example), we’ve found a number of ways to limit and reduce our waste.”

House of Rose would like to thank GreenStep Solutions for the nomination and the City of Kelowna for creating and hosting these civic awards.

Award Write Up

An eco friendly visitor experience and a sustainable wine product, those are the goals set and maintained by House of Rose Winery.  While not certified organic, they began following organic principles in 2009 and last year earned the bronze standard by Green Tourism Canada for sustainable practices.
A big difference at House of Rose is their wine packaging.  By switching to eco-glass for their bottles, up to 29% of CO2 emissions are eliminated during transportation thanks to its lighter weight.  They also us the renewable resource of cork for stopping their bottles.

At the winery, they purchased compostable plates and cutlery for use in their picnic area and introduced a low flow pressure washer for cleaning.  Grape skins and prunings are composted and diversity row vegetation is planted for integrated pest management.  Their garbage has been reduced to the same size bin as an average family home.  And by investing in hear pumps, upgrading insulation and lighting, they’ve reduced energy consumption by more that 50%.

In June they became founding members of the Fresh Outlook Foundation that raises funds for sustainability education.  They also spoke at the Women in Sustainability meeting about how small businesses can reduce their environmental impact. 

Other Background

House of Rose Winery (www.houseofrose.ca) is located in Kelowna and has been owned by Aura Rose and her husband Wouter van der Hall since July 2009.

Kelowna’s Civic and Community Awards recognize outstanding contributions and achievements in our community. The Champion for the Environment award is presented to a business whose actions and achievements have shown outstanding environmental leadership or innovative environmental contributions, having a direct benefit on the city of Kelowna. Selections are based on environmental initiatives and contributions for the year 2013.


For media contact:   Aura Rose, Co-owner, Winemaker, House of Rose Winery


May 22nd, 2013


House of Rose Winery Wines Double Gold at All Canadian Wine Championships

Also wins two Gold, a Silver and Bronze at Northwest Wine Summit

KELOWNA, BC: House of Rose Winery has won a Double Gold for their 2011 Winter Wine™ in the 2013 All Canadian Wine Championships held in Ontario.

“We are thrilled”, says Aura Rose, co-owner and winemaker, “as the All Canadian Wine Championships’ awards only one Double Gold for each wine category.  All wines are judged using the 100 point system and a Double Gold is awarded to the single highest rated wine (using an average of the aggregate judge’s scores) in that category.”

“While our wines have won several awards since Aura and I took over the winery in 2009, this is the first time we have won a double gold,” added Wouter van der Hall, co-owner of the winery.

“The preliminary results for the Northwest Wine Summit have also been posted and all four wines that we entered into that competition have won awards”, said Rose, “including Gold for both our 2011 Chardonnay Ice Wine and our Hot Flash™, as well as a Silver for our 2009 Okanagan Vintage Port and a Bronze for our Cool Splash.  Gold is the Northwest’s highest category.”

Adds Wouter: “It makes a great start to the winery’s 20th anniversary celebrations, which we will be kicking off this weekend with the unveiling of a 20 foot high metal rose on Saturday at 2 pm.  Everyone is welcome to come see the largest rose in Canada!”


House of Rose Winery (www.houseofrose.ca) is located in Kelowna and has been owned by Aura Rose and her husband Wouter van der Hall since July 2009.

The All Canadian Wine Championships is in its 33rd year of critiquing Canadian wines, by an esteemed panel of approximately fourteen wine writers, sommeliers and accredited wine judges, from coast to coast and beyond.

The Northwest Wine Summit is managed by VinoChallenge, LLC. It focuses exclusively on wines produced in the Northwest, specifically, wines from Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.



For media contact:    Aura Rose, Co-owner, Winemaker, House of Rose Winery




October 8 2012 Castanet.ca
Winery, a house of energy savings

by  Trevor Rockliffe – Story: 81548 Oct 8, 2012 / 5:27 am
House of Rose Winery will receive $25,000 to help complete an energy efficiency project as part of the LiveSmart Small Business Champion program. The provincial government is providing a total of $269,415 to 13 small businesses across B.C. to help complete energy efficiency upgrades.
Project details: Like many wineries, House of Rose Winery is a large energy-user for several reasons:
  • There is significant use of hot water to sterilize and clean tanks, the bottling line and all other equipment.
  • A constant temperature of between 12 and 15 degrees year round is required.
  • Several pieces of equipment, most drawing a 220 volt current, are used.
  • The building uses significant energy as it is steel and concrete with a metal roof built in the early 1990’s. Energy codes have changed significantly since that period.

House of Rose Winery is undertaking a variety of steps to produce energy savings. They are:

  • Heating Upgrade: Installing an air source heat pump and efficient fans to distribute the heated or cooled air as well as installing a programmable thermostat to turn down heat in working areas during the evening and weekends.
  • Adaptation to solar hot water.
  • Insulation improvements to the building envelope.
  • Building a separate area for fermentation (to provide a two-tiered temperature control in the winter: 15 degrees in the fermentation room and 10 degrees elsewhere).
  • Installation of solar tubes over the working areas to add natural light and reduce the light energy requirement.
  • Lighting upgrade from older fluorescent to newer lights.

“As the owner of a winery, I appreciate the value of these energy efficiency upgrades. Not only are they good for the environment, but they also minimize costs. I commend House of Rose Winery for acting as an industry leader as they reduce their carbon footprint, “says Westside-Kelowna MLA Ben Stewart.

Why this matters:

  • Each project demonstrates innovative energy-efficiency opportunities and/or energy savings of at least 20 per cent above current consumption.
  • The LiveSmart Small Business Champion applications were evaluated on project feasibility, energy and cost savings, innovation and their benefit and value to other companies and the community.

“Helping these businesses achieve energy savings will also benefit other organizations in the community. Other organizations will be able to leverage their experience and ideas to increase energy efficiency in their operations as well,” says Kelowna-Mission MLA Steve Thomson.

This $17-million program assists business owners in saving money by reducing their energy consumption with free energy-efficiency advice, equipment and incentives. The funding for this program ends on March 31, 2013.

Small business can receive a free assessment from Business Energy Advisors through business associations and Chambers of Commerce across the province.

he LiveSmart BC Champion program awarded up to $25,000 to the successful LiveSmart Small Business Champions.

To date, LiveSmart BC has helped over 9,000 small businesses to save energy and money


Summer 2012 A nice article in the Kelowna Capital News about Artists in Action at House of Rose Winery:



March 28, 2012

BC Wine Ends up on Hollywood Set:

House of Rose sends their HOT FLASH™ wine to the cast and crew of The Hot Flashes

KELOWNA, BC: Actress Brooke Shields and the cast and crew of her latest film are sipping on a little Hot Flash™, thanks to a local BC winery, the House of Rose.

At Brooke’s request, House of Rose winery delivered two cases of their Hot Flash wine to the wrap up party in New Orleans for the cast and crew of her latest film The Hot Flashes.

“It began when we received a call from a fellow in the United States” explained Aura Rose, Co-Owner and Winemaker, House of Rose Winery, “asking to have two cases of our Hot Flash wine shipped to New Orleans.”

It turned out the man on the phone was Michael Zarara, the personal assistant of Brooke Shields. Brooke was on location in New Orleans, wrapping up filming of The Hot Flashes – a comedy starring Brooke Shields, Daryl Hannah, Camryn Manheim and Wanda Sykes.

“Apparently, Brooke had heard about our wine from a friend in New York and wanted to give a bottle to each member of the cast and crew,” said Rose.  “It is fitting, really, as Hot Flash was made to celebrate that period of middle-age womanhood and the film The Hot Flashes offers a fun take on a group of unappreciated middle-aged women.”

So the VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance) wine began its odyssey from House of Rose to Brooke and her cast and crew, arriving just in time for the party.

“Brooke even made a fun tribute video to the wine as a thank you and you can find it on You Tube at http://youtu.be/1MPKDVrbhjU,” added Rose.

Hot Flash is a blend of Syrah and Marechal Foch and it’s another award-winner, like many local wines. Hot Flash recently won a silver medal at the 2011 All Canada Wine Competition.

“We are thrilled to hear that Brooke Shields has reached out to House of Rose. It is a big deal to receive the attention of someone as well-recognized as Ms. Shields, not just for House of Rose, but also for our BC wine region, and specifically for our Kelowna Wine Trails,” said Catherine Frechette, Communications Manager of Tourism Kelowna.  “It shines the spotlight on Kelowna as a wine destination with her film crew and her fans, broadening the awareness of the beauty and quality product of this area. We are very happy for House of Rose – it is a positive story all around!”

Added Rose: “It’s pretty exciting that our wine has received such international exposure in such a unique way – on the set of a Hollywood movie. We are thrilled by her support and appreciation and we’ve invited her to come and visit. Hopefully she’ll come here one day to see where it was made.”


House of Rose Winery (www.houseofrose.ca) is located in Kelowna and has been owned by Aura Rose and her husband Wouter van der Hall since July 2009. Hot Flash™ was released in May 2010, after a focus group of 85 women helped create the blend and the label.  The idea grew from a dinner party with a group of friends, including one experiencing a “hot flash.” For more on the history of Hot Flash™ see: http://www.houseofrose.ca/hotflash/. Find us on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/HouseOfRoseWinery

The film The Hot Flashes is about an unlikely basketball team of unappreciated middle-aged Texas women, all former high school champs, challenging the current arrogant high school girls’ state champs to a series of games to raise money for breast cancer prevention. Sparks fly as these marginalized women go to comic extremes to prove themselves on and off the court, and become a national media sensation. For more information on the movie see: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2201251/


Attached: Photo of Brooke Shields with the wine





For media contact:

Aura Rose, Co-owner, Head Winemaker, House of Rose Winery

Wouter van der Hall, Co-owner, House of Rose Winery




Bottling Sweet Mystey @ House of Rose Winery

The addition to the Wine Shop